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Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing have become a large part of today’s marketing plans, but too many companies are struggling to bring the skills and resources of their IT department into a partnership with the Marketing Department. A recent CMO.com survey stated that by 2017, CMO’s will out spend the IT department for IT services.

IT and Marketing need to learn to play well together to handle to massive amounts of data their marketing campaigns will generate. Your IT Department may handle these activities or you might use an outside service provider, but either way you need to have a robust plan in place to handle the data you generate through your marketing efforts. I’ve read of campaigns that marketing launched and the digital infrastructure could not handle it, so it shut down. This caused a nightmare for the IT team and wasted the marketing efforts of the campaign. Consider your capabilities when trying create a video you hope goes viral, and make sure your system can handle the spike in traffic you expect.

Your IT team needs to make sure you can see the results of your marketing efforts on a variety of platforms, and integrate with your own data base to avoid duplication or conflicting messages to your market. If you plan to combine an email follow-up to your social media efforts, you’ll need a way of moving the data from one source to another in real-time.  There are great marketing and sales automation tools out there that can help you accomplish this so take time to evaluate and plan for this ling before you kick off any campaigns. It costs a lot to get a lead and you don’t want to lose it.

I also see the value in pulling all the data you get from each of your social media platforms and combine this with your own database to create a consumer profile that can help you decide future consumer activity and what marketing you want to do to effectively connect with them. PocketStop is one of my clients and they can help you integrate all your social media platforms into an easy to use Social CRM.

Pocketstop is a very creative team that is doing great work with social media marketing. They create applications to run on various social media platforms that engage their client’s customers, and then pull all the information from these platforms into one easy to use CRM system.  This enables the sales team to follow-up and close leads that the social media marketing campaigns generate, and to create a robust consumer profile that companies use to direct future product offerings and marketing campaigns. They recently ran a social media marketing campaign on Facebook for Starplex Cinemas called Super Hero Mania and this will help you see part of what they do.

Running a marketing campaign that does not measure the results prevents your from establishing and ROI for that effort. Generating data that is not properly handled is a waste of money. Find ways to use today’s technologies to quickly, continuously, and efficiently handle the information you get in real-time, and you will get close more leads and spend your marketing dollars wisely. Whether you are a Large or Small Business, do NOT start marketing plans that you can not handle with excellence, and make sure you partner with others who can help you succeed in reaching your goals.

You can download the CMO.com report I mentioned above entitled “Integrate to Accelerate Digital Marketing Value” from the Box section of my Linked-in page at http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertjhunt2010

by Robert Hunt of Hunt Consulting DFW