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Every successful business needs to have a written plan that guides their decisions each year.  It’s tempting to use the excuse of being too busy to take time to do such a thing, but the reality is your team can’t follow you if they aren’t clear where you’re going. Inc. Magazine listed five simple reasons why every business needs to have a written business plan, and their main points were that it helps you:

Avoid Big Mistakes

Counterbalance your Emotions

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Develop a Game Plan

Raise needed Capital

When it comes to planning for next year’s growth, you need to make time in the next weeks to honestly assess your results so far, the resources you have at your disposal, and what you want to accomplish next year that will meet your goals both professionally and personally. This is a hard thing for most business owners to do, regardless of the size of your company or how long you’ve been in business. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us get this done, and I know of an event the first week of December here in the DFW area that can help.

Action Coach Business Planning Workshop –


      Tuesday, December 4, 8 AM – 4 PM, in Garland, Texas

Create Momentum.  Write your success plan for 2013 together with other business owners during this one day planning session. By the end of this MASSIVE ACTION day, you will have a clear picture of where your business will be in the next 90 days and for the year ahead.

Bullet Proof Strategies. You’ll hear real business owners, sharing real issues, and their top money-making tactics to help you grow your own business.

Transform Your Business. Learn how the world’s most successful business planning coaches achieve their ongoing success – and implement these strategies into your own business!

This is an intense day of learning and planning that Trey Finley knows you will benefit from.  He’s so confident, that he offers a full refund if you don’t find a true value in the day’s activities.  That’s a 100% guarantee that you’ll like the event!  

If you bring another business owner with you to the event, they will get in for FREE!   I suggest you ask them to split the fee with you so they have some skin in the game and show up. Just in time for Christmas, Trey will buy you an Apple iPad Mini for bringing this other business owner with you!

Trey is so sure that when you see all he can do for your business, you will be signing up to be an Action Coach client. You can learn more about the event and sign up by clicking on the picture above or go to http://ow.ly/fo2Pt.

Who is Trey Finley of Action Coach?

I met Trey Finley of Action Coach a few months ago and have since met many of his clients here in the Dallas area. I am impressed with how he has helped them create order and direction for their business in such short time, and with the level of trust they have put in his leadership.

Each of these business owners was giving everything they had to grow their businesses, working nights and weekends just to get things done.  It wasn’t for a lack of effort that they struggled – what they lacked was a plan.  Until they found Trey Finley and the Action Coach Business Coaching program.

Trey has helped these leaders find hope and support to rise above the burdens of running a business and to even find time to finally take a vacation! I heard many of Trey’s clients say how they are excited about the new focus and plans he has helped them create and how very thankful they were for his leadership.

In the spirit of complete transparency, I will be speaking at this event on how Small Businesses can use marketing strategies to help them reach their goals, no matter what the size of their company or budget is.  I hope you will join me for this powerful day of planning as I set my own business goals for 2013 with Trey’s help.

Sign up at http://ow.ly/fo2rD and I’ll see you there.

“Happy Thanksgiving”

Lastly, we at Hunt Consulting DFW are very thankful for the clients GOD has brought us this year and the solid business relationships we have found. Even though things have been slow at the start, we are having a better year than the Dallas Cowboys, and I’m sure our coaches will be around next season.

Before you to line up early on Black Friday to buy the new Wii U for the family, I hope you will take some time to be truly thankful for all you have already. Just having a place to live and food to eat, puts us miles ahead of most of the world. Take some time to enjoy these simple things and thank the LORD for another year of His kindness.

Our office will be closed for the balance of the Thanksgiving week starting Wednesday night and then back at the office early Monday morning.  Enjoy.

by Robert Hunt of Hunt Consulting DFW